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Specification of DESK FAN SEKAI DFN906


Sell ​​DESK FAN SEKAI DFN906 Designed to be placed on the table and on the wall. Blowing strong winds, making your room feel cool and the sound of the resulting motor is very smooth. The DFN906 fan operates with a voltage of 22o volts. At the time of the fan operate do not input the fingers or other objects into the protective nets because the fingers can be injured and the blades will be damaged. Do not spray chemicals because they can damage the fan and change the shape of the plastic parts of the fan. Do not turn on the motor without using a propeller and do not hold the propellers while spinning because it can make a safety fuse on the motor break. If not used or wanted to be cleaned, turn off the fan and unplug the cable from the outlet.

CV. Subur Jaya Perkasa DESK FAN SEKAI DFN906
CV. Subur Jaya Perkasa as KDK distributor in Surabaya we hold by paying attention to every customer, either with small or big take. By presenting the best quality, we strive to provide maximum customer satisfaction. DESK FAN SEKAI DFN906 is accompanied with 1 year motorcycle warranty.

For reservations DESK FAN SEKAI DFN906 please contact below:
081331607889 (No.Tlp & WA)

Or visit our office at:
JL. Karang Empat Timur II No. 54-58 Tambaksari, Surabaya
East Java - Indonesia

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