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Sell ​​STAND FAN KDK WM40X is a fan used to generate air. STAND FAN KDK WM40X has a smooth motor sound, so you and your family do not feel disturbed while resting. The large propeller sizes (40cm / 16 ") can give you and your family coolness to every corner of the room. STAND FAN KDK WM40X Electric Fan This wind blew out of 76.3 CMM This fan is basically the same as any other fan that has 3 Wind speed & OFF For wind & isolation direction can be arranged For this type available white & gray color combination.We also sell the same product with timer like WK40X electric fan.

CV. Subur Jaya Perkasa STAND FAN KDK WM40X

CV. Subur Jaya Perkasa as KDK distributor in Surabaya we hold by paying attention to every customer, either with small or big take. By presenting the best quality, we strive to provide maximum customer satisfaction. For STAND FAN KDK WM40X products with 5 years motorcycle warranty and 2 years spare part.

For reservations STAND FAN KDK WM40X please contact below:
081331607889 (No.Tlp & WA)

Or visit our office at:
JL. Karang Empat Timur II No. 54-58 Tambaksari, Surabaya
East Java - Indonesia

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