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Air Curtain

Selling AIR CURTAIN KDK suitable installed at the entrance of the building so that dirty air, insects, heat, unpleasant odors from outside the room do not go into the building and vice versa cold air conditioning from the room does not exit the building even though the door is open. Suitable for entrance Mall, Plaza, Office, Hotel, restaurant, Hospital, etc .. Use a carefully designed sirocco fan to produce a strong blast or speed of air with a 10dB sound lower than the old KDK CURTAIN AIR model. Using a motor with electric power 35% lower than the previous model. There is provided a 2-speed "fan" motor (Hi and Low) and OFF acceleration option. There are 6 models that are tailored to the needs conditions in the field. The design of the new look is sleek and modern. How to install and maintain easy and simple. Available in ivory white.

With type:

  • 3009UA
  • 3012UA
  • 3015UA
  • 3509UA
  • 3512UA
  • 3515UA
  • 4009UA
  • 4012UA
  • 4015UA

CV. Subur Jaya Perkasa AIR CURTAIN KDK

CV. Subur Jaya Perkasa as KDK distributor in Surabaya we hold by paying attention to every customer, either with small or big take. By presenting the best quality, we strive to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Or visit our office at:
JL. Karang Empat Timur II No. 54-58 Tambaksari, Surabaya
East Java - Indonesia

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